You've got the bike. You've hit the road. You've got the memories. Do you have the story?

Tracks Magazine celebrates adventure motorcycling in all its forms, from gentle days out on dirt roads in your local area, to round the world attempts to full on multi day races. If it involves knobblies then we're interested.

We don't mind where our stories come from, you might be professional rider or simply an Adventure Spec customer who has taken their purchase and gone out and used it as intended. The important point is that there is a story. If you are considering submitting yours, here's a helpful guide:

  • 500 - 1000 words or less. We're a digital magazine, no one is going to sit down for half an hour in front of a computer screen. Keep it short, keep it to the point.
  • What did you learn? Tracks is all about passing on knowledge. How can the next rider benefit from your experience? We're not so interested in stories that just tell us that you got from A to B, we want to know HOW you got there (and what you'd do differently next time).
  • Did you use any Adventure Spec gear? How did you get on with it? Can you help others get an idea of how it works and performs?
  • Photos. They paint a thousand words you know (and saves our art editor from trying to figure out how to illustrate your story). If you've got them use them. We would need between 6 and 10 images, each one must be no smaller than 72dpi and 1500 pixels wide. We can take large images but you'll have to send them to us using something like
  • Videos. They are great aren't they. if you think you've got a cracker then send it in. We're quite fussy about what we use, it's a fine art crafting a good travel film. If we do use yours we will most likely also look to interview you to find out a bit more.
  • By submitting your content you give Adventure Spec permission to reproduce it via Tracks Magazine and associated social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). It must be your original content and by submitting you agree that you own all copyright, or you can demonstrate that you have permission to reproduce it.
  • The Tracks editorial team have ultimate decision on whether your submission is featured or not. We may choose to edit it if required.
Finally, Adventure Spec will provide a £100 Klim voucher for every story published (redeemable on non-discounted items)

Good luck, we look forward to receiving your submission.

Greg Villalobos

Tracks Magazine Editor