Stage 2: 3 Jan 2017: RESISTENCIA – SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMÁN, 803 km – P39 (2MM)
December 6, 2016
Ride Race Repeat
December 12, 2016

Stage 1: 2 Jan 2017: ASUNCION - RESISTENCIA, 454km - P51 (4MM)

A short ‘warm up’ special of 39 kilometres, followed by a long liaison out Paraguay and into Argentina was on today’s menu for the 140 and so riders who started this 2017 Dakar. As was to be expected, first Brit rider home was Red Bull KTM factory rider Sam Sunderland who finished in 6th place. A way behind him was Malle Moto rider Lyndon Poskitt in 51st place with Max Hunt back in 98th position followed by Kurt Burrows (121st) and Dave Watson (in 125th).

"It’s good to be in the Malle Moto bivouac with all the other guys working out of my metal truck – this is what I came on the Dakar for. The special went reasonably smoothly although the exhaust did fall off on the liaison which was a little unexpected. Happily there’s not much to do on the bike this evening which with the really high temperatures and humidity is just as well!"

Lyndon Poskitt