The Adventure Spec Grant helps riders around the world create stories that celebrate the craft of adventure motorcycling.

We have been part of journeys to the furthest ends of the planet, record breaking solo round the world attempts, right through to helping newbies make their first foray onto dirt. These stories are brought together by the fact that without the knowledge, expertise and equipment that Adventure Spec provide the riders undertaking these journeys, big and small, would have struggled to take their first step. As well as this, and this is the important bit, each Adventure Spec Grant awardee has been able to capture their journey in such a way that others can share their experiences and celebrate the essence of adventure motorcycling.

We helped them, they spread the word and perhaps they encouraged the next adventure rider to turn their idea into a journey.

If you would like to apply for an Adventure Spec Grant please fill in the application form below. We like to award two grants per year, however decisions are made based on the quality of the application, not the quantity we receive.

Good luck.

We endeavour to let you know that we have received your application within a week. If for any reason this has not happened please feel free to contact us at